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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Avoiding Scams!

The best way to avoid scams is to only add your phone number to your ad and not your e-mail. E-mail is the biggest scammers tool. Until you are more advanced to decipher scam e-mails from real ones, just stick to your cell or home phone. If you do get an e-mail concerning your craigslist account with a link, don't click it! Delete it ASAP!

Be sure you watch out for people trying to hack your Craigslist account. Never open an e-mail that says your account has been blocked or you have a new message. These are common hacking e-mails. Usually the only e-mail you get from Craigslist are those that are confirming your ad or letting you know your ad have been flagged for removal.

One of the biggest scams on Craigslist is when your receive a 'cashiers check' in the mail that is Moneygram of some sort with an amount of money way more than your asking price. Usually accompanying a request to cash it and send the rest of the cash back. SCAM! If you try to cash this you will be accused of committing fraud. Not the person who sent it to you.

Tip: If it sounds too good to be true, it normally is.

Never wire any money to anyone; always deal in person.  If the person is avoiding meeting in person with you or keeps putting it off; just ignore it. It's more and likely a scam or they really just don't want your car or to trade. Obviously, if they live overseas, they are not meeting you in person. So don't even think about going there!

Never give out your bank information! Always deal with CASH! When dealing with big money ($1,000 or more) buy some magic markers to make sure the bills are real. Or you can go to your local bank and have them tested before you sell.

You can help protect yourself when you read more about scams on the Craigslist Avoid Scams Page.