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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

7 Steps To Inexpensive Auto Repairs Via Craigslist

 Are you experiencing car problems and money problems? Perhaps you have thought about looking for a mobile mechanic on Craigslist but have put it out of your mind because of the risks. Well this page is about making sure you don't get screwed from some wanna-be mechanic on Craigslist.

1) First, grab a pen and paper, and search in Craigslist's "Automotive Services" section in your local area. You can search for "Mechanic" or "Mobile Mechanic" if needed.

2) Take down names and numbers of ads that look professional and informative so you can call for a quote. Take down as many as you please. The more you have, the bigger chance of getting a real good price.

3) Once you have your list, start calling!

4) Make sure to ask questions such as:

 - "Can you do this type of repair and do you have experience with this type of repair and type of cars?"
 - "How long have you been working on cars and do you have proof of certification or license?"
 - "What's you policy on payment?"
 - "Do you supply parts or just supply labor?"
 - "How much will you charge me for this and how long will it take?"

5) The best way to ensure you don't give away your money is to pay for labor only. This is where the mechanic can charge you a heap of money for parts, sometimes more than parts actually cost, and an excuse to take your money and not return. Have the mechanic give you a list of parts you will need, and go buy them yourself from a parts store or online. Keep the receipt so you can return them and get your money back if needed.

6) Take down his information (Full name, shop address or home address, and phone number) and make an appointment! If something goes wrong, you have every right to take him to court for damages or services that were paid for but not rendered.

7) Make it clear the mechanic that you will only be paying him after the repairs are complete, and you are satisfied with your car.

8) Make sure to get a receipt for anything services you have paid for. If he doesn't offer one, ask him to sign a written one, stating every repair he has done, what he charged you for it, what you paid, with a total and signature from the mechanic and yourself.

These fail-safe steps should prevent you from getting screwed! Just a warning, some mechanics may back away from doing the work because they are hiding something. some mechanics will say they can't do it after asking about their license because they don't have one! Don't let them slide by if they are "working on getting their license or certification" which means they don't have it plain and simple!

Good Luck!!!