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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Are you really ready?

Everyone remembers their first car. If you had to sell it, junk it, or even pass it down the family, you remember how sentimental you were to that car. You may not think you would miss the car you have, but wait til it’s gone. You’ve probably created memories in it. Most of the time, any car you trade or sell away you will miss, even if you hated it at the time. When looking to trade or sell your car, really think about the pros and cons. Pros and cons lists really help in these situations if you’re in a rut. The car you have now may have the best gas mileage in the world, but putting a baby in the back seat of a two door car may not be ideal for you if looking to expand your family. You may love your lifted suburban, but using it to commute to your new job 50 miles a day, when gas prices are high and your mileage is 1 mile per gallon, may not be ideal, either. Understand where I am going? Everyone’s situation for wanting to trade or sell their car is unique in its own way. So really ask yourself, do you NEED to trade or sell your car, or want to just to satisfy your curiously. If you are really attached to your car after thinking about it, I would recommend, if you can, waiting.
In some cases, your car has some mechanical issues that leave you with no choice but to sell it. Good reason. There are a lot of mechanics or people with a hobby fixing up beaten and battered cars that are looking for cars like yours that they can fix. One down side to having a car with a major mechanical problem is finding the value or price on it. Kelly Blue Book does not have values for cars in poor conditions. I will discuss more on values of vehicles, later.

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